Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Run fishy run!

Damon and Leon have asked for my expertise with swimming to help them train for a triathlon. In return, Damon is teaching me how to run properly. Last night we ran from the playground at Petone foreshore to the Petone wharf and back. I figure that's about 1.5km? Not bad for a first run in a couple of years... And I didn't stop, except at the wharf for about 1 minute before heading back.

Then I played 2 games of netball. We got a trophy each for coming 6th, i.e. losing a minor final. Woohoo. Tuesday netball is all done and dusted now - back to just Mondays and Saturdays. My ankles are thanking me already.

Sam and I are going to the quiz at Murphy's Law in Petone tonight. We are gonna win!


Not Kate said...

That's bloody good, Fishy! Well done you. You should do the Special-K triathlon next year (has a different sponsor now though... forget who). You only have to run 3kms. Swim 300m (that's a breeze for you) and bike 10kms.

Homeperm said...

did you win? i WON my quiz last night. not that i'm one to boast.

fish said...

We came about 4th I think. Boo. Haven't been to quiz in aaaaaages, so we were a bit out of practice.

In our absence, the quiz has been tarted up. As well as just reading the questions, they are also projected onto the big screen via PowerPoint. Made the music round cool, cos they actually played the music.

Didn't help us win though :P

d3vo said...

You forgot to say help us train for a triathlon. You are going to kick our arse in the swimming leg too!