Wednesday, June 03, 2009

So, I went to the foot specialist, and he says that I am a candidate for surgery to remove the extra bony stuff from my foot.

There is a 70% chance that this will solve my problems (constant pain, lingering weakness, limited range of motion).
However there is a 20% chance of it not fixing anything and 10% chance it will get MORE painful (due to increased range of movement aggravating the arthritis there).

So for now, I am to see a man about an orthotic insole and see if that helps first. I've waited 16 years so I can wait a little longer!


A bunch of us did a bike ride for Motor Neurone Disease awareness on Monday. It was supposed to be Sunday but the weather had other plans. I got a baby bike seat fitted and Charlotte did about 6km of the ride with me before we jumped back in the car and followed the riders the rest of the way in warmth and comfort.
Sam has pics on Facebook, but here's one that Miri took. CYOOT!

Sam and the others did well in not so pleasant conditions, and I gather Maria collected about a grand in donations, so yay us :)


Seniors have exams at the moment (hence why I have the time to update my blog at work!). I have each of my senior classes for a 2 hour slot - one today, one tomorrow and one Friday. Nice and cruisy now, but then I have a bunch of marking to do. It's always so intimidating and I procrastinate my ass off. Funnily enough, once I actually start it's not so bad.