Monday, March 16, 2009

We interrupt your regular programme for this Important News Flash.

Kelly Anna Mansfield was born at 10am yesterday. Both Carol and Kelly are fine.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

long time no blog!

If anyone listens to 90FM in the mornings (I have to, my car stereo only goes up to 90!), you might know that Camille (breakfast host) has been talked into doing a women's duathlon in April. I sent a text to the radio on the day she agreed to do it, saying something along the lines of: "Well done, great way to get fit after baby, see you there cos I'm doing it too". Or something.

I was chuffed when they read my text out on air, but even more chuffed when Camille herself called me back and asked if I wanted to be part of a team she was putting together so that we can train together and motivate each other! So we are getting a training plan each from some person at Les Mills, and free t shirts and stuff. Cool. I think the du is in April. That's after the second tri of my scheduled three this year (March 22nd) so I should be sweet.

Netball trials this afternoon. Definitely NOT coaching this year; just want to focus on my own game for a season.

Carol's baby is still chilling out on the inside. Due very soon though, so not long now.

Sarah and Ron's baby Heath is 5 weeks old, now home and doing well. Here's him at 3 weeks (and C at 4 months 3 weeks. Yes, they are the same size. He is HUUUGE!)

Charlotte is positively thriving. Finally hit 5kg last week, possibly because she is now completely formula fed. Seems that Stressful job + Breastfeeding only morning and night = No/poor milk. Never mind, I made it to 5 months, and I had a feeling it would be much harder when I went back to work. C had a check up with the hospital paediatrician last week and he gave the all clear. Just need a kidney scan twice a year for a couple of years to monitor a slight enlargement. So YAY. Here's some photo goodness cos I haven't put any pics up for a while.

Starting her early on the reading music thing.

So pretty when she's asleep. And awake. :)

Oh yeah, she was baptised a couple of weeks ago. Here's all the Godparents (and nibling Eleanor).