Sunday, November 25, 2007

I came home without my undies last night

It was on the guy's stag night to-do list: I couldn't resist. And they were my nice ones - clean too, thank goodness.

I also wrote "fish loves you" on his left buttock with a permanent marker.

Going out in Welly is fun. I should do it more often.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Secret Admirers Week Rocks

I am at the computer in the staff workroom getting a very relaxing and pleasant shoulder massage from my co-wo Mihail. He has good hands.

It was arranged for me by my Secret Admirer.

This week I have had chocolate milk and V delivered to me, and three chocolate bars, and today I got a bottle of wine and some pretty flowers. Yay :) I am very spoiled.

My secret admiree has been even more spoiled this week. Every day I have left notes in her pigeonhole (saying things like "Helen is awesome" or "Helen rocks my world"), about 5 times a day. I got students to deliver Hershey's kisses to her office three times a day, I got her fav drink (coke zero) and put one in the fridge for her every day, and I got her some flowers. And two mini bottles of wine. And I made bacon and egg pie on the weekend for her lunch on Monday. Wow.

I am still being massaged. It's lovely.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

We just bought a car!!

It's a Mazda Capella station wagon, just right for putting pushchairs and babies in, when the time arrives. No Mum, NOT YET!

You can see a similar one here but ours is a pretty blue colour, is manual (yay) and has done about half the k's.

We get it tomorrow. Yay!!

Sorry it took us so long Lauren. It would have been really useful for you to have had our old one to run about in. They gave us $1000 for the Barina - about 500 more than I was expecting for the old heap :)

Farewell, little Barina. A new fishtank is in town.