Monday, May 19, 2008

It's been a while since I last posted...

... and a lot has happened.

I had a birthday on the 6th, then a party which was on (the 10th) then off then on (the 17th) again. Thanks to those who came, especially to BigGeek, who brought his awesome sound system and DJ'd his ass off all night :)

My Grandma passed away on the 8th. She was 95 - not a bad innings. She was always adamant that she would not be put into a home, and she managed to do that with the help of her amazing and dedicated caregiver who came in every morning to help her dress and kept her company. Mum and I took the ferry to Picton then drove down to Gorrrre over two days, which was actually rather pleasant. We stayed at Grandma's house and spent a few days there with some of the family, finishing with a meal at Riversdale Pub the night after the funeral with all 40 or so of us that were able to be there. I was a pallbearer for the first time ever. I'd rather not have to do it again, but I guess its a privilege in a roundabout way.

The dog has been staying with us as Mum's still down South, returning today. He has finally realised the difference between grass and carpet and there have been no pee-on-the-carpet incidents for a few days. I think it may be time to hire one of those carpet washer thingies to remove the yellow patches from the white carpet. He was pretty good on Saturday - except when I caught him up on the couch licking dip out of the bowl I had just put on a table for my guests. Don't worry; I *did* make more!

Netball is frustrating at the moment. I play and coach the bottom team in my club, even though I was in team 3 last year. I asked for Team 5 mainly so that when I get all fat and pregnant I can drop out and still be involved, but it won't affect the team too much (Team 5 always has lots of players so the higher teams can borrow players occasionally).

Unfortunately most of the team either has never played before or has played but really sucks. And most of them have a problem with commitment. EVERY week I get at least 4 players texting me to say they can't make practice due to some reason or other, and it's really hard to practice teamwork stuff when your team has only 5 players.

I had a bit of a meltdown on Saturday after yet another humiliating loss (41-6), and it seems to have had some effect. The girls that were there, (never mind the other two that "couldn't make it on Saturday"), said they would all make training this week. We shall see.

At least at indoor I feel like a skilled player. Sometimes.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Comments please!

So who else felt the earthquake on Saturday morning?
It was a short one: by the time I woke Sam it had finished.