Friday, September 29, 2006

Road trip

Tonight we head up to Taupo (toe-pour!) for a couple of nights. We are mostly going up to see Michelle do a parachute jump for her birthday. I think she's mad. It's also a good opportunity to do lots of EXCITING stuff in Taupo!!

I need ideas though. So far we have only got a few things on our list, namely:
1 Swim at AC Baths (preferably at night)
2 Do tourist shots at Huka Falls, whilst faking German accents
3 Craters of the Moon

What else can we do? I can see us just sitting round the pool at the Motel, drinking copious amounts of alcohol if we don't have enough to do. Not that THAT sounds too bad...

Anyway, comments please!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


... to my new template. Whaddya think?

Steven Hall 1956- 2005

It is exactly one year ago today that my big brother died. I was at home playing on the PlayStation when Mum called to say the Hospice had just called them. We had tried to visit Steve that morning but he doctor was in with him so we went home after waiting over an hour. I had seen him the day before so I did get to say goodbye, thank goodness.

My big sister was pregnant at Steven's funeral. Megan turns 6 months old today.

You can see a picture of Steven here if you are interested. He looks so much like my Dad. He often says I remind him of Steven. I like that.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Coupla things...


I can't WAIT for the holidays! Only four days to go. That's 12 lessons. Only have to see my snotty Year 9s four times thank goodness.

End-of-term-itis always hits worst in Term 3 for some reason. I guess because this is the time of year that the Year 10s finally start to grow up and the Year 9s take over the mantle of 'little sh*ts'. I blame hormones. And teachers not being firm enough because they're tired at the end of term. And their parents of course.

Flirty 30

Sam's Party was Aaaaawesome! The music went off, my decorations didn't look too naff, and I didn't get too drunk. I might finally be finding my limit. Not bad, only took me 13 years. NotKate gave me a belated birthday present too - an awesome wooden 3-D fish. Kind of like a jigsaw. Yay! My husband has some lovely friends. Pity one of them was married, eh, D?

Mr Helen Clark

So they say Helen Clark's hubby is gay.


Here's an idea - why don't the politicians find something useful to do - perhaps like RUNNING THE COUNTRY! Honestly...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Swim bubby!

We took Megan for her first swim today. She loved it! Mum came along and took lots of pictures. I love having my Niece in town :) The pool attendant was watching us swim as Megan was the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD (tm)

My hair is very short. I look bald. I also write short sentences. Ah, well.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend wrap up

After blitzing Not-Kate's 80s quiz on Friday night, we went into town to see Snakes on a plane! See Sam's blog for a better summary than I could write.

Saturday, my Sister and Niece flew in from Blenheim to spend the week up here. Yay! Then I went to my netball prizegiving, where I won not one, but TWO prizes!

First was the award for most player of the days. Actually, NINE people had got it three games each so instead of the usual cup that gets awarded to one person, we all got a box of choccies. This is despite me being 99% sure I actually had four PoD's this season. Ah well, who am I to deny 8 other people a box of chocolate each?

The second award I got was for most improved player. Yay for me! I was pretty happy to win a prize, given I've been in the club for three years and my husband has won more prizes than me (most valuable supporter - three times)! And he's not even a member of the club!

What a lot of exclamation marks!!!!

... and on another note, I have come to school this morning for the second Monday in a row WITHOUT my school bag! No plan book, no roll book, no choir folder. Grrrr...