Monday, September 18, 2006

Coupla things...


I can't WAIT for the holidays! Only four days to go. That's 12 lessons. Only have to see my snotty Year 9s four times thank goodness.

End-of-term-itis always hits worst in Term 3 for some reason. I guess because this is the time of year that the Year 10s finally start to grow up and the Year 9s take over the mantle of 'little sh*ts'. I blame hormones. And teachers not being firm enough because they're tired at the end of term. And their parents of course.

Flirty 30

Sam's Party was Aaaaawesome! The music went off, my decorations didn't look too naff, and I didn't get too drunk. I might finally be finding my limit. Not bad, only took me 13 years. NotKate gave me a belated birthday present too - an awesome wooden 3-D fish. Kind of like a jigsaw. Yay! My husband has some lovely friends. Pity one of them was married, eh, D?


Not Kate said...

Totally right. Year 9's start turning into holy terrors right about now.

The guidance counsellor came up and gave me three separate appointment slips for girls in my form-class today. The teachers around me gave pitied looks.

Your 30th present was only four odd months late :) That's not too bad by my standards....

Sez said...


How long you get?? Jealous you get holidays in the middle of the year :O)

Good to hear Sam's party went well. Sorry for being such a slacker! You's fella's in tonight???