Tuesday, August 28, 2007

To the bastard that broke into my car last night

I hope your hand got cut breaking my window and that glass got stuck in it and that it gets infected so your stupid hand falls off.

So there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Yay - I got some more pictures from Choir School!

Our Church choir is rare in that we don't wear red. Makes me easy to spot though. This was taken about 20 minutes before the final service.

I *do* however, wear red when I'm dancing. This is me in action at the in-house concert on the Thursday night.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Beep test

I just did a beep test by myself in the Gym before school. I dropped out at level 5-9. That's a crap score apparently. The kids do it in groups - I think maybe if there were some other people to run with I might not have given up so easily. Still, it's a start. I can only improve from there. And I can still beat all the Year 13 PE class in the swim.

I saw an infomercial yesterday morning for something I MAY ACTUALLY BUY. I know - strange but true! It's a set of exercise DVDs, but here's the cool thing - it's a hip hop dance class! Cool. I can learn to dance hip hop AND get killer abs at the same time. I don't want to pay just three instalments of $39.95 though. Does anyone wanna go halves/threes and we can illegaly burn copies? Go on...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So I have a facebook account but I'm not really convinced that I'll use it once the fuss dies down.

I don't see the point in being a zombie/pirate/ninja/vampire/whatever. (Can anyone explain to me what purpose that has??)

If I want to give my friends a present, or a poke for that matter, I'll do it in real life.

I'm not interested in acquiring thousands of friends so I can say "look how popular I am, darlinks!"

The only useful thing that I can see is that you can keep in touch with people even when their email addresses change - because fb emails you when you have messages and stuff. Of course, this is assuming said friends update fb with their new address when it changes. And if they are the kind of person who doesn't update YOU with their email, why on earth would they tell fb? There goes that theory.

I do have the aquarium application of course, which is almost the only reason I keep using facebook. Meh. Read the blog if you want to know what I'm doing; don't expect a daily update either.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wins all round!

UHC Senior 4 vs Sacred Heart
We won 20-24 and are in the Collegiate 10 final next week.

UHC Senior 5 vs St Oran's
We won 35-10 and are in the Collegiate 12 final next week.

High School Old Girls 3 vs Resene Paints
We won 13-17 and next week we play the loser of 5v6.
If we win that game, we play in the minor final the next week.

And I was named player of the day. Yay me!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Netball on Saturday

** From an email that I have sent to our netball co-ordinator at school. She will be passing it on to the College Sport people for me. So there, HVHS! **

Upper Hutt 14 played netball against Hutt Valley High School 13 on the weekend. At three-quarter time, the score was 41-2 to UHC. At the start of the fourth quarter, most of the HVHS team began to yell loudly whenever UHC had the ball, and screamed even louder when the GA/GS were shooting. They were not yelling out cheers or encouragement - it was just plain screaming. In my opinion, they were not cheering their team on - they were making noise with the express purpose of putting us off our game.

When the ball went over the sideline a few minutes into the quarter, I asked the UHC umpire to have a word to the girls before play re-started. She reminded the girls that this was a competetion game, and to take it seriously. Play re-started, and as it did, the HVHS umpire (a student, and possibly their coach?) called out "no girls, keep doing it!". The screaming and yelling continued.

The HVHS Goal Shoot mentioned to the UHC Goal Keep that they were doing it to put UHC off, and then proceeded to elbow the GK sharply in the stomach, allegedly on purpose. The GK was injured by this, so much so that she needed to call time and leave the court for someone else to take her place. She did not retake the court for the rest of the game.

I talked with the venue manager after the game, and he said I should have notified him during the game so he could have seen what was going on. I didn't think of this at the time, but I certainly will if it happens again.

The HVHS team showed a gross lack of judgement and very poor sportsmanship at this game, and I believe their school netball manager needs to be notified that this is not acceptable.


Thanks for tea on Saturday, Sarah and Ronnie!! Yum :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Potter and swimming

*** WARNING!! Allusions to Harry Potter content below, but no genuine spoilers ***

Rich lent me his workmate's copy of Harry Potter on Saturday morning. I read a few chapters on Saturday, but was so busy with everything else I didn't really get into it till Sunday afternoon.

After a few hours reading on Sunday, and a couple of hours on Monday/Tuesday, I finally finished it last night before I had to race out the door to netball.

I have to remind myself this is a kids' book, so then I don't feel too disappointed with the Scooby Doo ending. I ALMOST cried at the bit where Harry did something really nice for someone who died (near the middle of the book) but managed to control myself. Wuss.


I went to the pool with one of the Year 13 PE classes yesterday. They were doing a 300m time trial in preparation for the Naenae Tri, which I am also going to do this year (anyone want to join me??). I swam rather slowly, as I kept tagging the feet of the two kids in front of me, but I did the 12 laps in 6m 40s. Totally within reach of my under 6 minute goal. Only one other kid managed to do faster than me (6:30), and he had a clear lane in front of him. I will triumph over you, Chris M!!!

The kids were quite impressed with my machine-like swimming prowess. Not only did I do the 12 laps, but I did it THREE times, once with each set of kids! And as I said, I still beat (nearly) all of them. Yay for fish!

They will of course, kick my ass in the run/cycle bits.