Friday, May 18, 2007

Edward's 21st

So Edward (who I remember when he first came to St James as the son of the new Vicar, at age 6) just turned 21. What the?? Where did all that time go?

Anyway, the theme was National Dress. So I came as a Silver Fern. Yay for my excellent sewing skills!

I freehand stitched the logo on the front and machine stiched the white letters on the back. The velcro bibs are courtesy of my netball team. Pity not many people dressed up. Losers. Maybe they knew I would look so good that they shouldn't even bother. The photo below is my "Does my bum look big in this?" pose. Note: the correct answer is "Yes, and I like it that way".

I just noticed you can see a nice bruise on my elbow. From netball THREE weeks ago!

Paul Holmes is gone

Oh well. Although he didn't set the dance floor on fire, he certainly burned rather nicely on my back porch. I want Suzanne (aka Richard the bastard) to win anyway. Go Suzie!!

Note I am wearing my new 'fish' hoodie that Sarah made for my birthday. I've hardly taken it off since I got it.

The fish hoodie

Yeah baby! I reckon these would sell like hotcakes! Maybe only to wierd people like me, but what the hey :) I LOVE this hoodie!

Rat Photos below
(You have been warned!)

The wee ratties are growing bigger by the day. Still uber-cute though :)

Poppy likes to surf the net too.

This is the cutest little school bus! It's for taking the babies to school once a week or so. I now have a second cage that lives at work so it's a little easier than lugging the travel cage around.

I hope to blog a little more regularly next week. I only have 2 games of netball planned, rather than the five I played this week. Life is a little crazy at the mo.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I have been too busy to blog. I am now off to have a relaxing bath to unwind from the exhausting week I have just had.

Oh yeah, big thanks and hugs and smoochy kisses to all those who made it to my birthday open home. You won't have realised it at the time but you are responsible for me:
  • Raising one of my kitchen cupboards by 8 inches to make usable bench space.
  • Mounting my noticeboard on the wall rather than the floor.
  • Getting the computer out of the hallway and into the spare room.
All jobs that I was "getting around to doing" but could never find the time. I work well with deadlines.

The bath is calling...

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Late notice I know...

... but I turn 31 on Sunday and I'm hosting an open home at our place!

We will be home any time after 1pm. Pop round for a muffin/coffee/slice/beer/tea/whatever.
You can also play with the rats if you wish.

Comment me your email if you need our address, or email

Fishbowl News Roundup

We are the Champions

Hillary House, in their usual tradition of winning, took first prize in the International Karaoke competition today at Upper Hutt College. Team members Pesi Sina, Heu Sina, Kaila Malama and Vini Malama sang a medley of songs in Samoan to rapturous applause from their peers and teachers. Three staff also sang a piece in Latin - Bruckner's Locus Iste. Alto Fiona Hall said, "we tried to find a Soprano but there was nobody available to learn it in the limited time we had. Despite that, it sounded pretty good with only three parts instead of four".

The Canadians are coming!

Tattooed and pierced musician/teacher extraordinaire Lauren is soon to leave the shores of Canada for a four month stint at a Lower Hutt college. Lauren's host family, Fiona and Sam Hall are said to be "delighted" at the prospect of a new housemate coming to stay. Lauren will be teaching at Hutt Valley High School, and will also be a guest artist in the world-renowned Saint James Church Choir during her visit. In addition, she will be trained in the ancient art of Netball by Mr and Mrs Hall, and will be expected to take her new knowledge and skills back to Canada to educate the natives.

Home Again

Mr David Hall returned home from hospital today after a brief ilness. Sources close to the family say he is very glad to be home.