Friday, May 11, 2007


I have been too busy to blog. I am now off to have a relaxing bath to unwind from the exhausting week I have just had.

Oh yeah, big thanks and hugs and smoochy kisses to all those who made it to my birthday open home. You won't have realised it at the time but you are responsible for me:
  • Raising one of my kitchen cupboards by 8 inches to make usable bench space.
  • Mounting my noticeboard on the wall rather than the floor.
  • Getting the computer out of the hallway and into the spare room.
All jobs that I was "getting around to doing" but could never find the time. I work well with deadlines.

The bath is calling...


Sez said...

Yay for baths! Hope that hoody is getting plenty of use! Love you xx

kiwilauren said...

Hey Fiona! Just to let you know, I'll be arriving in Wellington at 8am on July 13th. I can't wait to meet you guys!!! Less than 2 months now!

I have a long distance phone plan that lets me call New Zealand for about 6 cents a minute, so when I get back home to Saskatoon on Friday I will give you a shout. Ooooooh I'm getting excited for my kiwi adventure!

fish said...

Yay!!! Can't guarantee where I'll be on Friday (or will it be Saturday here??) but definitely call us anyway :)

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon!

kiwilauren said...

I'm watching Oprah right now (do you watch Oprah in New Zealand?), and there's a guy on right now that has an Australian accent... I know it's not the same as a NZ accent, but it still got me all excited! Hahahaha. I got to thinking about how cool and SO different it will be to live somewhere where almost EVERYONE has an accent (although I'm aware that I will be the one with the accent to everyone else)!!!

There you go. That's the random thought of the day.

Also, almost all of my extended family lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba (1 province east of Saskatchewan), and the area of the city that most of them live in is called St. James. Kind of cool that I'll be singing in a church choir by the same name. :o)

fish said...

Yeah we have Oprah here too, but it's on when most people are at work. I used to watch it when I lived the carefree life of a uni student (i.e. couldn't be bothered going to uni that day)

Yeah, us kiwis and aussies sound similar to the untrained ear, but you'll get better at telling the difference when you get here! We have the same problem with Americans and Canadians sometimes.