Thursday, May 03, 2007

Late notice I know...

... but I turn 31 on Sunday and I'm hosting an open home at our place!

We will be home any time after 1pm. Pop round for a muffin/coffee/slice/beer/tea/whatever.
You can also play with the rats if you wish.

Comment me your email if you need our address, or email


kiwilauren said...

Happy early birthday! Hope it's a good one. I might pop by if I have time... according to my calculations, in order to arrive in time for 1pm on Sunday, I'll have to leave in approximately 17 hours (it's 8:30pm on Thursday here now). Now all I have to do is scrape up another $2,300 for another flight! haha.

Have fun Fiona! :oD

kiwilauren said...

Hey Fiona, look at me, I'm addicted to blogspot! Hahaha. Anyway, it's just about 9am on Saturday here, which means that it's about 3am on Sunday, your BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's a good one!!!!

Not Kate said...

It was a jolly lovely afternoon tea, Fishy.

Thank you! Yummy food.

fish said...

Thanks Lauren and Kate! I had a fabulous day. :)