Sunday, March 30, 2008

The first baby photo

Kinda looks like an alien, but I have been assured it has the required number of arms and legs; I even saw a stomach and bladder. Wow.

Amended due date now early Oct, so it looks as though I may just make it to the end of Term 3.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Three short things

I have a student teacher. She is great. Her degree is in combinatorics, and the topic we are doing right now is combinations and permutations: Perfect! Maybe she can replace me when I go at the end of Term Three. Right now she is teaching my Year 13s while I sit here with the laptop and update the blog.
Real professional, Mrs H!


Having the 13 week scan today. I have this paranoid and morbid fear that they are going to say, "oh, sorry; it died a few weeks ago". Think about it: No morning sickness, not any fatter, no sore boobs... am I actually pregnant, or is it a figment of my imagination? Scary stuff. I'll be glad when today is over.


It was wierd getting home last night and not having to let the dog in.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wet behind the ears

Ryan has long ears; he doesn't like them to be wet.

I gave him a bath today after a long walk and a play in the paddock below Kelson School. He got all grubby as there was still dew on the grass and it was quite long. This is the result:

Mum comes home tomorrow. I'm gonna miss having the dog at our place. Won't miss the wet paches on the carpet or the fur in my bed, on the carpet, in my food....

I think a baby may even be less work than this guy; well, at least they LEARN!!


Speaking of babies, congrats to Alex and Katie on the birth of Persephone Megan Lindsay yesterday. Thanks guys for letting me share the day with you. And she was born on Megan (my niece)'s second birthday too!

I've already signed her up to the facebook group "People who have to spell their names".


Oh yeah, happy birthday Megan! I know your Ma reads this blog, so please ask her to write a comment ok?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

puppy sitting

Mum has been away visiting Carol and other family members less than a week, and already the puppy has got out TWICE! The first time he squeezed under the temporary mesh fence I had erected; the second time he chewed through the leash, made it behind the row of pot plants strategically positioned to block him from the fence, and then squeezed under the fence again. Thank goodness he has Mum's phone number on his tag, and that her message has her cellphone number on it. I got a message from one of the office ladies yesterday: "your Sister in Timaru called - the dog has got out, call this number to go get him..." I bet the office ladies were a bit confused as to why the call came from Timaru!

Yesterday I had my tame builder up to fix a gate across the gap between the house and the retaining wall, so now Ryan has a wee dog run at the back of the house that he can't escape from. But I bet he'll try anyway.

Next mission - a dog door. For some reason, even though the back door is left open when Ryan is inside, he has reverted to crapping on the carpet. Euuu. :P

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


So I was sitting on the couch marking my Year 13 assessments (which they all passed, might I add - yay me!) when a commercial for NZ Post came on. One where a wee girl writes a letter to her Dad and he meets her after school for ice cream.

It made me cry.

Seriously. There are incriminating splashes on one of the kids' assignments.

Damn hormones.