Tuesday, March 25, 2008

wet behind the ears

Ryan has long ears; he doesn't like them to be wet.

I gave him a bath today after a long walk and a play in the paddock below Kelson School. He got all grubby as there was still dew on the grass and it was quite long. This is the result:

Mum comes home tomorrow. I'm gonna miss having the dog at our place. Won't miss the wet paches on the carpet or the fur in my bed, on the carpet, in my food....

I think a baby may even be less work than this guy; well, at least they LEARN!!


Speaking of babies, congrats to Alex and Katie on the birth of Persephone Megan Lindsay yesterday. Thanks guys for letting me share the day with you. And she was born on Megan (my niece)'s second birthday too!

I've already signed her up to the facebook group "People who have to spell their names".


Oh yeah, happy birthday Megan! I know your Ma reads this blog, so please ask her to write a comment ok?


kiwilauren said...

And a happy birthday to Megan from Auntie Canada too!!!! And hello to Carol and Murray.... and Fish and Sam.... and Anne and Colin.... and Lynley.... and the adorable Ryan.... the list goes on!

I miss you all so much!

Big sis said...

Thanks Lauren!

Hi Fishy... the fairy costume is soooo cute. She wore it for her party on Monday, everyone thought she looked adorable. I'll email photos later.

Mum is thrilled with gate. Pity about the poos on carpet. Not sure about your dates on the blog, but it's her actual birthday today Wed 26th. And Mum comes home tomorrow Thurs 27th.

Anyway talk to you after your scan. Don't forget to take a video tape.

Love ya, Carol

fish said...

Carol - I did think it was strange that you were calling me on the 24th. I thought I just had the date wrong - turns out I was right all along!

I guess you just wanted the pressies done before the party?

Sez said...

A ahahaha Ryan looks just like Sandy Beach when he does the ear thing!!! LOL

And a belated Happy Birthday to Megan - How slack are we! I think we were snowborading in Canada!