Friday, September 28, 2007

y'know what you should ALL do?

I'm in Franz Joseph, having a play on the internet while the people with more money than me go heli-glacier-ing. My internet time is almost up though, so I just want to say that you should ALL go and look at Lauren's blog for pictures of our trip, cos i have a film camera that doesn't upload to the interweb.

Oh yeah, apologies to the tangata whenua. I hope my costume doesn't offend anyone :) They even forced me to do a haka 'cos the bus driver didn't know how to do it and I did. And I knew that I shouldn't do it. Oops. My poi skills have improved heaps though.

Onward... kayaking this afternoon. Off to Wanaka tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

so far so good

We are in Westport right now, having just returned from the beach where we had a bonfire and Lauren and I entertained the masses by singing songs from our varied repetoire.

Today I swam in Lake Rotoiti. Actually, 'swam' might be too loose a term - the bus driver said he would buy a beer for the first person to jump off the jetty and I couldn't let that go! So I got a beer and also got very cold!

Then I went on a horse trek. We got to trot and canter, and even got to gallop! I have never galloped before, so that was cool.

Reports on challenges to come soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The travels of fish and lauren

Lauren and I are in Blenheim right now, staying with Carol and Murray and Megan. Tomorrow we head off on our Kiwi Experience trip for nearly 2 weeks of South Island action. Yay!!!

Expect random updates over the next two weeks. Pictures too, courtesy of Lauren. Dopey fish took her old film camera rather than the digital camera!

Any missions from my faithful readers that you wish to give us will be carried out and reported upon.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Head

That's what my Dad says when you get a haircut. Like; "Oooh look, new head!"

I haven't had a haircut, but I do have a new header. Thanks Kate! Now if only the green fish matched the green banner down the side... :)


Missing the gloriousness that is Rumpus this weekend as I will be at the Wellington Regional Synod in Palmerston North. It's like Government, Church styles. What a trade-off. Pity it's not being held in Welly. Ah well, rock on without me, my friends.

I spelled 'regional' wrong just then, and had to use the spell check. I have come a long way from standard 4, when I used to be called "Dictionary" and I was in the best spelling group.

"Dictionary?" I hear you all ask? Well, it beats "Fat-ona" any day.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stuff to tick off the to-do list

*** WARNING: Rat photos below. Scroll down at your own risk! ***

I got the car window fixed for free. Thanks State Insurance :)

I marked 24 x 4 Year 13 Stats papers and 28 x 2 Year 11 Maths papers and entered the grades into the school system. Tomorrow I get to go through them with the kids - should be interesting.

We finally got our Rick Edmonds prints block mounted and on the wall. It will probably take another 12 months till I get them to hang level with each other and the ceiling line!

I cleaned out the rat cage and even wiped the shelves down. It should take them about 10 minutes to pee and poo all over it again, but at least it's clean for a while. Actually I think Lily is doing her bit in the corner in this picture. Thanks Lily.

I just love their little bellies :)