Sunday, September 23, 2007

The travels of fish and lauren

Lauren and I are in Blenheim right now, staying with Carol and Murray and Megan. Tomorrow we head off on our Kiwi Experience trip for nearly 2 weeks of South Island action. Yay!!!

Expect random updates over the next two weeks. Pictures too, courtesy of Lauren. Dopey fish took her old film camera rather than the digital camera!

Any missions from my faithful readers that you wish to give us will be carried out and reported upon.


Off-Black said...

Dopey old Fish took the film camera at her husbands insistence, lest the dopey old digital camera run out of battery at an inopportune time as it is wont to do.

fish said...

... not realising the film camera is 183 years old and also keeps turning off at inopportune moments, despite having a full battery.

At least I can copy all Lauren's pics when we return.

R said...

I hope you and Lauren have a brilliant time, and I look forward to all your stories and photos! You will have to take me on a blow by blow recounting on your return! I love travel.. :)

Not Kate said...

Takea photo of a 3 legged seagull (ideally while feeding it hot chips).

And line up four people and get them to each do a letter from YMCA. This will mirror one of me, Nicky and Becs's photos from our South Island trip :)

Hmmm.... and thirdly..... get the whole bus to sing Puff the Magic Dragon, while doing actions of your choice.

Anonymous said...

OMG FISH YOU ARE PEA-NUTS!!! I got so nervous watching you! (And so did mum) she leaft b4 u jumped lol!