Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pants on fire

Today I had to deal with a student (let's call him K *) who stole an iPod that had been confiscated by a teacher. If it was his I would have understood, but the guy who owned it wasn't even in his class!

I spent the first ten minutes trying to get K to admit to taking it. Even though FOUR other people in his class swore they saw him go into the teacher's desk drawer and remove something he wouldn't admit it. Eventually he did when I threatened to take him to the principal.

Then I spent another ten minutes trying to figure out what happened to it after K took it. It seems he passed it to J, who looked after it while Mr L. searched his bag, then he got it back and in a fit of good morals gave it to someone who knew the owner. But J still had the earphones so he told that person to see J. J meanwhile had given the earphones to T, another friend of the owner.

So I spent over half an hour pissing about trying to locate said iPod (which was now back in the owner's pocket) and the headphones, which turned up in T's pocket. WHICH HE DIDN"T MENTION THE WHOLE TIME I was talking to him about witnessing the original theft!!!

Bastards! So much for my non-contact period.

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bollywood and a Wedding

Watched four members of the Upper Hutt College Indian dance group compete at the Bollywood competition last night (home at 11.30pm) and just got back from Alex and Katie's wedding tonight (home 12am). Danced up a storm tonight with (another) Alex, who knows a bit of Ceroc and tried to teach me some. Knowing a bit of Rock 'n' Roll sabotages my efforts as RnR is in 3, Ceroc is in 2 or 4 and my feet won't behave!

Very tired. Photos to follow when I get them printed and on a disc (Sam has the digital camera in Oz)

I think I got flashed by a speed camera by Newlands. I was doing 90 but the neon thingys said 80. Bugger.

I'm dancing for Diwali on Sunday. 7.10, 7.50, and 8.20pm. Three different dances. Come watch! The 7.50 is in the Michael Fowler Centre, the other two are in Civic Square. I guess we might be in the Town Hall if the weather is dodgy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Do I wanna live in Stokes Vegas?

We looked at a very live-in-able house in Stokes Valley yesterday. But it's in Stokes Valley. So far away! Affordable though.

It's up on the right hand side, if you are facing into the valley. Apparently they have a separate name for this bit - Holborn, cos it's mostly Holborn Drive up there. We would have a view down onto the (Stokes) valley floor, which is nice. The pool isn't that far away either. I assume the neighbours across the road have a view over the Hutt Valley, which would be nicer.

Would people come visit us there?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Because I am a copycat...

... I have cyborged myself too.

Functional Individual Optimized for Nocturnal Assassination

It's like they actually KNOW me! Spooky.

I did my "Sun Latte Womens 5/10/15k Run/Walk" today. I ran 5.3km in almost exactly 40 mins. Massive headwind for half the course, but the home stretch had a tailwind which was good or I might not have made it. Little K beat me by 30 seconds or so. I just didn't have the legs to close the gap after sticking with her until the last few hundred metres. I hurt in a good way.

Been to two of the Hen's nights. One to go. Managed not to get drunk at either, which was a necessity as they were in Tawa and Papakowhai (i.e. MILES away) so I drove to both. And I had to run today so didn't want to have a hangover.

4 nice open homes today. Fell in love with another one. Ah well.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

netball grizzles

I played against the stupidest person in the world last night. Not only was her play illegal, it wasn't picked up by the ref, because he's really new and doesn't know the bloody rules!! Here's the story...

My definition of holding: Stand your ground, don't let the attacking player get past you. If they contact you by trying to go through (rather than round), AND you're not moving into them, then it's their contact and I get the ball.

The knowledgeable attacker will counteract this by dodging ROUND the defender.

Knowledgeable is the key word, however.

Instead, this player runs AT me, and pushes against me with all her weight. I am forced to push against her merely to stand my ground and remain upright. (or give in and fall over. In hindsight, maybe if I fell over EVERY time it might have forced the ref to do something). Anyway, she keeps saying to me, "stop pushing". In return I say "Learn the rules luv, I'm holding - go ROUND me". She then has the nerve to attempt to show me what holding looks like (which looks exactly like what I'm doing, the only difference being, there is no mutant pushing against HER with all their weight). Perhaps I should have told her that I don't enjoy her girly mound pushing against my ass every time she comes into the circle.

But the ref did nothing.

We won anyway, but it pisses me off that she has been playing almost a whole season (and maybe more) but she hasn't yet been pulled up for this behaviour. Netball is supposed to be FUN dammit! (Actually, I quite enjoyed winding her up - being about twice her weight there was no way I was going to get pushed over by her unless I wanted that to happen). And I won the ball off her three times when she thought she had got away with contacting me. Ha!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Wedding Fever

This is the time of year that lots of people choose to get married. I know - I was one of them.

In the next 8 weeks, I am going to 3 hen's nights and 2 weddings. In case you're wondering why not three weddings, it's in Rarotonga, and no-one's invited to that one :)

I have bought two gifts already, of course BEFORE I got the official invites, two of which say "please put money into our travel fund". Dammit.

Ah well, looks like I've now got some funky new homewares for me and the hubby.

On another note, I finally organised our wedding pics into an album. Only took nearly 2 years. Although I gather that's pretty fast compared to some people.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Sam's much better at writing in a readable fashion. Me, I'm the kinda girl who likes lists, so here's my version of last weekend:


* Drove to Taupo, arrived late as! (10.30pm)

* Breakfast
* Skydiving
* 'Lunch' at 3.30pm!
* Swim
* Drinking, Dinner and Dancing

* Huka Jet
* Breakfast
* Home

Cool Stuff

* Skydiving. Even just watching it was fun :) Happy birthday Michelle!!
* Huka Jet Boat. Yay for 360 degree turns!

Interesting Stuff

* Meeting up with Damon on the road at Paraparaumu.
* Just missing a speeding hedgehog (near Marton)
* Narrowly avoiding a rockfall hitting the car (Mangaweka)
* Drive-by abuse. "I wish you were all fucking dead, you mother fucking bunch of faggots!!" from some strange teenagers in a car as we sat outside at a cafe, having brekkie
* "You look HOT" from some random guy in a bar - yay me!
* Lowered Rav 4 on the main street in Taupo (Oh Dear)


* Organising 12 people is like herding cats. Sheesh...
* Not able to afford the skydiving. One day, baby!
* No AC baths, but swam at the motel instead, which was almost as nice, if only 8m long. Hard to do laps in, but I managed OK
* No mini golf, cos we ran out of time and wanted to get home