Tuesday, October 10, 2006

netball grizzles

I played against the stupidest person in the world last night. Not only was her play illegal, it wasn't picked up by the ref, because he's really new and doesn't know the bloody rules!! Here's the story...

My definition of holding: Stand your ground, don't let the attacking player get past you. If they contact you by trying to go through (rather than round), AND you're not moving into them, then it's their contact and I get the ball.

The knowledgeable attacker will counteract this by dodging ROUND the defender.

Knowledgeable is the key word, however.

Instead, this player runs AT me, and pushes against me with all her weight. I am forced to push against her merely to stand my ground and remain upright. (or give in and fall over. In hindsight, maybe if I fell over EVERY time it might have forced the ref to do something). Anyway, she keeps saying to me, "stop pushing". In return I say "Learn the rules luv, I'm holding - go ROUND me". She then has the nerve to attempt to show me what holding looks like (which looks exactly like what I'm doing, the only difference being, there is no mutant pushing against HER with all their weight). Perhaps I should have told her that I don't enjoy her girly mound pushing against my ass every time she comes into the circle.

But the ref did nothing.

We won anyway, but it pisses me off that she has been playing almost a whole season (and maybe more) but she hasn't yet been pulled up for this behaviour. Netball is supposed to be FUN dammit! (Actually, I quite enjoyed winding her up - being about twice her weight there was no way I was going to get pushed over by her unless I wanted that to happen). And I won the ball off her three times when she thought she had got away with contacting me. Ha!


Not Kate said...

YEAH! She was doing it to me too. It really bugs me when you're standing still in netball and people try and push you under the hoop......... I'd start doing it back, but usually being the 'bigger' person (physcially, as well as mentally) I'd get called up for it if a ref caught it out of the corner of their eye.

fish said...

She did it to me in centre too. Sam said she did it to him also (though he probably wouldn't mind the girly mound thing so much...)

Not Kate said...

Yeah, she did it to me in centre once too. I just kinda ran into her though - so she had to apologise like it was a 'mistake' on her part. I did not return the apology. It was my frickin' space.

Homeperm said...

last time i played indo' netball some bearch cut my skin with her nails and aggressive play. i complained but the ref DID NOT CARE. it made my blood, which you could literally see because i was bleeding, boil. i gave up the indo' shortly after that.