Sunday, October 15, 2006

Because I am a copycat...

... I have cyborged myself too.

Functional Individual Optimized for Nocturnal Assassination

It's like they actually KNOW me! Spooky.

I did my "Sun Latte Womens 5/10/15k Run/Walk" today. I ran 5.3km in almost exactly 40 mins. Massive headwind for half the course, but the home stretch had a tailwind which was good or I might not have made it. Little K beat me by 30 seconds or so. I just didn't have the legs to close the gap after sticking with her until the last few hundred metres. I hurt in a good way.

Been to two of the Hen's nights. One to go. Managed not to get drunk at either, which was a necessity as they were in Tawa and Papakowhai (i.e. MILES away) so I drove to both. And I had to run today so didn't want to have a hangover.

4 nice open homes today. Fell in love with another one. Ah well.


Homeperm said...

your cyborg is cool. you also chose a pretty cyborg creature. i went with a more cutesy one. maybe that is our ONE separating factor. also, good luck looking for houses. i went to one open home this year. and the house was like looking at poverty. it was depressing. then again, i'm not actually in the market. just curious.

Anonymous said...

Nice work with the run fishy. Headwinds are difficult but I know you trained in them.

fish said...

I chose that creature 'cos its name was "riona". Like how close to me is that? Perfect. Otherwise I would have chosen a chunkier one.

Sez said...

Yay for you on the run front :O) And on the open homes too, Just have to visualise the one you fell in love with, thats what we did!
Thanks for a cool night on Saturday!