Monday, October 02, 2006


Sam's much better at writing in a readable fashion. Me, I'm the kinda girl who likes lists, so here's my version of last weekend:


* Drove to Taupo, arrived late as! (10.30pm)

* Breakfast
* Skydiving
* 'Lunch' at 3.30pm!
* Swim
* Drinking, Dinner and Dancing

* Huka Jet
* Breakfast
* Home

Cool Stuff

* Skydiving. Even just watching it was fun :) Happy birthday Michelle!!
* Huka Jet Boat. Yay for 360 degree turns!

Interesting Stuff

* Meeting up with Damon on the road at Paraparaumu.
* Just missing a speeding hedgehog (near Marton)
* Narrowly avoiding a rockfall hitting the car (Mangaweka)
* Drive-by abuse. "I wish you were all fucking dead, you mother fucking bunch of faggots!!" from some strange teenagers in a car as we sat outside at a cafe, having brekkie
* "You look HOT" from some random guy in a bar - yay me!
* Lowered Rav 4 on the main street in Taupo (Oh Dear)


* Organising 12 people is like herding cats. Sheesh...
* Not able to afford the skydiving. One day, baby!
* No AC baths, but swam at the motel instead, which was almost as nice, if only 8m long. Hard to do laps in, but I managed OK
* No mini golf, cos we ran out of time and wanted to get home


Homeperm said...

man we are so twins. you look hot is totally something people say to me at bars:)

fish said...

Actually, I thought of you when he said it, cos I was thinking "I SO AM!!" and then realised it was so something you would say :)

Sez said...

Woohoo for 360 turns, Huka Jet Rocks!