Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pants on fire

Today I had to deal with a student (let's call him K *) who stole an iPod that had been confiscated by a teacher. If it was his I would have understood, but the guy who owned it wasn't even in his class!

I spent the first ten minutes trying to get K to admit to taking it. Even though FOUR other people in his class swore they saw him go into the teacher's desk drawer and remove something he wouldn't admit it. Eventually he did when I threatened to take him to the principal.

Then I spent another ten minutes trying to figure out what happened to it after K took it. It seems he passed it to J, who looked after it while Mr L. searched his bag, then he got it back and in a fit of good morals gave it to someone who knew the owner. But J still had the earphones so he told that person to see J. J meanwhile had given the earphones to T, another friend of the owner.

So I spent over half an hour pissing about trying to locate said iPod (which was now back in the owner's pocket) and the headphones, which turned up in T's pocket. WHICH HE DIDN"T MENTION THE WHOLE TIME I was talking to him about witnessing the original theft!!!

Bastards! So much for my non-contact period.

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Not Kate said...

I hate it when kids lie bald-faced to you. Makes you more cynical next time someone's trying to convince you they're innocent....

No wonder teachers are a jaded lot!

How many times have you told kids off for minor things and had them give you that wide-eyed look and said 'It wasn't even me!!!!' when you know damned well it was???