Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I had a strange dream on Sunday night.

I was on the West Coast, at the Punakaiki rocks, and I was jumping off into the water, which was a river rather than the sea. The current kept pushing me back up onto the top of the rocks, from where I would jump in again and again. There were signs everywhere warning that swimming was prohibited or dangerous or something, but I kept doing it, as there was nobody around to stop me anyway. At one stage the current carried me to the other side of the river, and I could stand in the shallows. I was able to swim back across, and against the current to end up in a calm pool on the upstream side. Not sure how it was calm if it was on the upstream side, but I guess that's the cool thing about dreams - they don't have to make sense.

Anyone care to analyse this?

On another note, who else has that dream where your teeth fall out? You spit out one or two, then they all start to crumble, and you're left with a handful of bits of teeth and blood and stuff. I haven't had that one for a while, but it recurs every now and then. I gather it's to do with money, but not sure.