Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bollywood and a Wedding

Watched four members of the Upper Hutt College Indian dance group compete at the Bollywood competition last night (home at 11.30pm) and just got back from Alex and Katie's wedding tonight (home 12am). Danced up a storm tonight with (another) Alex, who knows a bit of Ceroc and tried to teach me some. Knowing a bit of Rock 'n' Roll sabotages my efforts as RnR is in 3, Ceroc is in 2 or 4 and my feet won't behave!

Very tired. Photos to follow when I get them printed and on a disc (Sam has the digital camera in Oz)

I think I got flashed by a speed camera by Newlands. I was doing 90 but the neon thingys said 80. Bugger.

I'm dancing for Diwali on Sunday. 7.10, 7.50, and 8.20pm. Three different dances. Come watch! The 7.50 is in the Michael Fowler Centre, the other two are in Civic Square. I guess we might be in the Town Hall if the weather is dodgy.

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