Tuesday, September 25, 2007

so far so good

We are in Westport right now, having just returned from the beach where we had a bonfire and Lauren and I entertained the masses by singing songs from our varied repetoire.

Today I swam in Lake Rotoiti. Actually, 'swam' might be too loose a term - the bus driver said he would buy a beer for the first person to jump off the jetty and I couldn't let that go! So I got a beer and also got very cold!

Then I went on a horse trek. We got to trot and canter, and even got to gallop! I have never galloped before, so that was cool.

Reports on challenges to come soon.


Off-Black said...

Various people I have discussed this with have commented on the likely coldity of Lake Rotoiti this time of year.

Is your driver enjoying having a local aboard?

fish said...

It was FREEZING!! I was considering just swimming off after I dived in and scaring everyone, but it was too cold and I was worried about dying :)

The driver seems to enjoying the company of a young Pommy Indian girl rather more than mine!