Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Head

That's what my Dad says when you get a haircut. Like; "Oooh look, new head!"

I haven't had a haircut, but I do have a new header. Thanks Kate! Now if only the green fish matched the green banner down the side... :)


Missing the gloriousness that is Rumpus this weekend as I will be at the Wellington Regional Synod in Palmerston North. It's like Government, Church styles. What a trade-off. Pity it's not being held in Welly. Ah well, rock on without me, my friends.

I spelled 'regional' wrong just then, and had to use the spell check. I have come a long way from standard 4, when I used to be called "Dictionary" and I was in the best spelling group.

"Dictionary?" I hear you all ask? Well, it beats "Fat-ona" any day.


Not Kate said...

It doesn't match perfectly. That irks me because I purposefully took a screen dump and made a swatch from it. It must lighten the colours when you do that somehow.

Can't change fish colours. That fishy design is from a bit of fabric I found on some material shop website. I pasted it inside the bowl shape.....

fish said...

Sweet as. I love it anyway!

That's a fabric swatch? Cool... I could make an awesome bag with that fabric. Bet it's in America or somewhere equally distant though.