Wednesday, March 12, 2008

puppy sitting

Mum has been away visiting Carol and other family members less than a week, and already the puppy has got out TWICE! The first time he squeezed under the temporary mesh fence I had erected; the second time he chewed through the leash, made it behind the row of pot plants strategically positioned to block him from the fence, and then squeezed under the fence again. Thank goodness he has Mum's phone number on his tag, and that her message has her cellphone number on it. I got a message from one of the office ladies yesterday: "your Sister in Timaru called - the dog has got out, call this number to go get him..." I bet the office ladies were a bit confused as to why the call came from Timaru!

Yesterday I had my tame builder up to fix a gate across the gap between the house and the retaining wall, so now Ryan has a wee dog run at the back of the house that he can't escape from. But I bet he'll try anyway.

Next mission - a dog door. For some reason, even though the back door is left open when Ryan is inside, he has reverted to crapping on the carpet. Euuu. :P


kiwilauren said...

I'm trying to figure out where the middle picture is taken, but I can't quite figure it out in my head. Is that at your house, and if so, which way are we looking at that picture from?

Cute puppy. :o)

fish said...

It will make more sense if I mention that the dinner table is now in the lounge and the coffee table and one easy chair are in the space on the landing by the kitchen.

The pic is taken looking toward the lounge. You can see the grey curtain we hooked up to keep the heat in the lounge. Got it now?

kiwilauren said...

Yep, got it! I was just confused because of where the furniture was.