Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fishbowl News Roundup

We are the Champions

Hillary House, in their usual tradition of winning, took first prize in the International Karaoke competition today at Upper Hutt College. Team members Pesi Sina, Heu Sina, Kaila Malama and Vini Malama sang a medley of songs in Samoan to rapturous applause from their peers and teachers. Three staff also sang a piece in Latin - Bruckner's Locus Iste. Alto Fiona Hall said, "we tried to find a Soprano but there was nobody available to learn it in the limited time we had. Despite that, it sounded pretty good with only three parts instead of four".

The Canadians are coming!

Tattooed and pierced musician/teacher extraordinaire Lauren is soon to leave the shores of Canada for a four month stint at a Lower Hutt college. Lauren's host family, Fiona and Sam Hall are said to be "delighted" at the prospect of a new housemate coming to stay. Lauren will be teaching at Hutt Valley High School, and will also be a guest artist in the world-renowned Saint James Church Choir during her visit. In addition, she will be trained in the ancient art of Netball by Mr and Mrs Hall, and will be expected to take her new knowledge and skills back to Canada to educate the natives.

Home Again

Mr David Hall returned home from hospital today after a brief ilness. Sources close to the family say he is very glad to be home.


strong light said...

Yay for your Dad being home!

2treesandahorse said...

Thats some good news your royal fishyness.

kiwilauren said...

Hahaha, yay! I feel so honoured to get a blog mention. And I love the image I got from "tattooed and pierced" - I sound like such a rebel! Truth is, the only visible piercings are my nose and various ear piercings... and even then, the only non-visible piercing is my belly button. And that little 8th note tattoo is almost unnoticeable, unless you're looking for it. :o)

I absolutely can't wait to get my butt to NZ and meet you two!!! It will be a total blast. Tons of work, with my internship and all, but there will definitely be time for socializing.

2 months and 7 1/2 days until I leave Saskatoon!!! And the countdown is on....

fish said...

Haha! Makes you sound like a super-rebel :)

I have two fish tats - one on my right shoulder blade and one on my lower back. The second one I got last December; check my archives and scroll right down.

Sam has two as well - one shoulder kind of on the bicep, and an armband right round on the other arm. Sam's got photos in his December archive too.

Oh, and Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Welly are all separate cities. They are all close but separated by geographical features that prevent them all joining up into one.

Here endeth the lesson. :)