Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So I have a facebook account but I'm not really convinced that I'll use it once the fuss dies down.

I don't see the point in being a zombie/pirate/ninja/vampire/whatever. (Can anyone explain to me what purpose that has??)

If I want to give my friends a present, or a poke for that matter, I'll do it in real life.

I'm not interested in acquiring thousands of friends so I can say "look how popular I am, darlinks!"

The only useful thing that I can see is that you can keep in touch with people even when their email addresses change - because fb emails you when you have messages and stuff. Of course, this is assuming said friends update fb with their new address when it changes. And if they are the kind of person who doesn't update YOU with their email, why on earth would they tell fb? There goes that theory.

I do have the aquarium application of course, which is almost the only reason I keep using facebook. Meh. Read the blog if you want to know what I'm doing; don't expect a daily update either.


Sez! said...

Hahaha, I think the only reason I use it isa to keep up with all the peeps in the UK! Sometimes a one liner is nice, but sending a one line e-mail is a bit cheap!!! Tee hee... The aquarium thing is cool Though! xx

Not Kate said...

Yeah - the only real benefit I can see is it's a better way of keeping photos online than others I've seen.

(Ok - I've been 'experimenting' a lot with the various functions of the site..... I didn't realise to what extent it told EVERYONE what you were doing, and even emailed them any time you mention them.... that must be annoying!).

Andrew said...
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