Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend wrap up

After blitzing Not-Kate's 80s quiz on Friday night, we went into town to see Snakes on a plane! See Sam's blog for a better summary than I could write.

Saturday, my Sister and Niece flew in from Blenheim to spend the week up here. Yay! Then I went to my netball prizegiving, where I won not one, but TWO prizes!

First was the award for most player of the days. Actually, NINE people had got it three games each so instead of the usual cup that gets awarded to one person, we all got a box of choccies. This is despite me being 99% sure I actually had four PoD's this season. Ah well, who am I to deny 8 other people a box of chocolate each?

The second award I got was for most improved player. Yay for me! I was pretty happy to win a prize, given I've been in the club for three years and my husband has won more prizes than me (most valuable supporter - three times)! And he's not even a member of the club!

What a lot of exclamation marks!!!!

... and on another note, I have come to school this morning for the second Monday in a row WITHOUT my school bag! No plan book, no roll book, no choir folder. Grrrr...


Not Kate said...

You take your rollbook home???

Yay for you, Fishy. I wanna play netball next season I reckon. Skirts are styley.

We should have an awards night for our indoor team some time. James is a shoe-in for 'best defensive player'..... dunno about the rest.

fish said...

Why not take my rollbook home? It goes in my bag all the time, so I'm not taking it out if the rest of the bag goes home.

Despite my good intentions, the bag usually just sits in the car overnight and doesn't even make it inside the house :)

Come trial with me next year! You'd have to get a train to Taita every Saturday, but of course you may have a car by then anyway...?

Not Kate said...

I will have a car by then! Mark my words!