Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steven Hall 1956- 2005

It is exactly one year ago today that my big brother died. I was at home playing on the PlayStation when Mum called to say the Hospice had just called them. We had tried to visit Steve that morning but he doctor was in with him so we went home after waiting over an hour. I had seen him the day before so I did get to say goodbye, thank goodness.

My big sister was pregnant at Steven's funeral. Megan turns 6 months old today.

You can see a picture of Steven here if you are interested. He looks so much like my Dad. He often says I remind him of Steven. I like that.


Sez said...

Crikey! Has it been a year already? I remember when I first met him, we came for a "special trip" into Wellington when the Warehouse was still a fruit market... And the time he hit on my boyf of the time at your 21st party! Funny :O)


fish said...

... and the time he hit on Damon at our wedding :)