Friday, November 23, 2007

Secret Admirers Week Rocks

I am at the computer in the staff workroom getting a very relaxing and pleasant shoulder massage from my co-wo Mihail. He has good hands.

It was arranged for me by my Secret Admirer.

This week I have had chocolate milk and V delivered to me, and three chocolate bars, and today I got a bottle of wine and some pretty flowers. Yay :) I am very spoiled.

My secret admiree has been even more spoiled this week. Every day I have left notes in her pigeonhole (saying things like "Helen is awesome" or "Helen rocks my world"), about 5 times a day. I got students to deliver Hershey's kisses to her office three times a day, I got her fav drink (coke zero) and put one in the fridge for her every day, and I got her some flowers. And two mini bottles of wine. And I made bacon and egg pie on the weekend for her lunch on Monday. Wow.

I am still being massaged. It's lovely.


kiwilauren said...

Just hope Helen doesn't have access to your blog, otherwise your wonderful secret will be spoiled!

How's the new fish tank treating you? :o)

fish said...

We all get to find out our people on Monday anyway (if we want to).

The car is great. Pity we didn't have it for the Wanganui trip huh?