Saturday, July 22, 2006

pixel top

This is my top that I bought off my mate Janine, for $20, when she went to live in England for a while. Funnily enough, I sold it to her when I worked at The Carpenter's Daughter, a Fat Lady Shop in the Hutt. I wanted to get it at the time but it was too expensive.

It looks very much like my friend Damon's new tie.


Not Kate said...

Those remind me of my garish dress. It's green and blue and black and white..... I wore it to school one day and a girl (very earnestly, in the middle of a class discussion) rose her hand and said, 'Miss - is your dress one of those magic-eye things?'

I replied, 'Yes Jessie, stare long enough and you'll see a sail-boat.'

d3vo said...

mmm, pixels.

Not Kate said...

Fishy - could I trade you something for that Muppet Show DVD one weekend? I reckon that'd be fun to watch!

I have a decent wee selection of DVDS including some weird TV series they did of Solstrom (some off-shot of Cirque de Soleil, but not as good), the first series of Six Feet Under and I purchased yesterday the first series of House.

I bought Being John Malkovic the other day too.