Thursday, July 27, 2006

fishy and her sewing machine

I got a sewing machine from my parents for my 30th birthday, and now I have made an entire top and classy wrap from scratch! (with a bit of help from Anna and my Mum).

The school ball is on this Saturday, and the theme is "Old School Hollywood Glamour". I'm wearing a skirt that used to be my Grandma's rock 'n' roll dress, with a big petticoat so it flares out at the bottom. Above, I have my lovely new top that I made, and a wrap that I also made. The green of the wrap matches the skirt perfectly, but you can only see the reverse side in the photo. My sister has also lent me her elbow length gloves from HVHS ball '91. Oh, and my necklace is the one I wore on my wedding day. Wedding earrings and shoes too, but I'm not wearing them in the photo.

Quiz Champs!

We went to the quiz at Murphy's again last night, but unlike last week, we WON! $50 between 6 people... um... that's about $8.30 each. Enough for a beer or two

Wee Man

I thought it was about time I put up a piccie of our rat. He's sitting in a hammock that I made with an old towel and some string. Of course now I have a sewing machine, he has a polar fleece hammock with nice elastic ties on hooks. Don't have a photo of that though. What a cutie :)


Sez said...

Top looks fantastic... Nice job Fishy! And the photo of your sustitute "furry" baby is bee utifull!

Anonymous said...

Yay Fishy :) Go the little sewing machine ;)

Not Kate said...

Lovely outfit there. Very glam - the kids will love it.

Wee Man scares me.

Homeperm said...

you are amazing. not just anyone can win a quiz. believe me. i know. i win them all the time:) also, i have a major rodent phobia. while i'm sure you love wee man... i had to quickly scroll back up so i could see your awesome sewing skills.