Sunday, July 30, 2006

Belle of the Ball

...ok, so maybe I wasn't the Belle, but I looked damn fine, so there. Here's a better picture of what I wore, plus I did my hair and makeup this time :)

I danced my ample ass off, thankyou very much and had a great time. I love seeing all the students scrubbed up and looking their best. I even had a few 'proper' dances with some of my students - like holding hands and stuff! I taught a boy how to spin me around so my skirt went all twirly.

Random thing: My cousin Nick was there as the date of our House leader (also called Fiona). We were being introduced, and I was being all polite, ("what school are you from? Aaaah, university? Well done. And what are you studying? Oh yes, very good... blah blah blah"), half thinking he was familiar, then he asked, "You're married to Sam, aren't you?" and I was like "Nick, as in Nick and Henry? Oh silly me!"
Mind you, he's actually Sam's cousin's kid, and we only see him every second Christmas, and they have missed the last two Christmasses anyway. He was a wee 14 year old the last time I saw him - now he's 18 or something.

Stink thing: I lost an earring. I wasn't even drunk. And it was my wedding jewellery. I stood on the back bit in my room this morning, so there's hope it may still be in the house. Although the back kind of sticks to the skin so maybe it fell off earlier.

Gratifying thing: being told by heaps of kids that I looked really pretty and my outfit was fantastic. Does great things for the ego. I might start wearing makeup and jewellery to school more often... nah, maybe not. Can't be assed getting up earlier to do it.


Not Kate said...

Gorgeous, Fishy! The kids woulda thought you looked beeeeautiful. Did your hubby accompany you?

I went to the ball last year, but it was after indoor netball and I ended up having about 15 minutes to get dressed. My hair was all sweaty and I didn't go too much .... but the girls were still complimentary 'cause they're not used to seeing me in makeup or seeing me in clingy slighty cleavagey dresses.

Holding hands with students.... eeeeew! Hope you washed them afterwards :)

I want an excuse to dress up pretty. Any ideas?

Off-Black said...

I wasn't there, I was busy stuffing up a tie-break to not quite win the club fundraiser quiz for Fishy's netball team.
I would have undermined her classy elegance anyway.

fish said...

Hey not-Kate, maybe we should encourage Sam to have a 'black tie' 30th?? Any excuse for a dress-up!

Sez said...

HEy Sexy Fishy,

Looking great! I not surprised you got lots of comments! And dancing with school boys, way back when we would have killed for that!!! Boo you lost an earring, I bet it turns up!



bitemeandsmile said... look gorgeous :)

Carol Mansfield said...

I have one hot mamma for a sister!!

Well done on the sewing. I've got two items of Megan's I need to repair that have been sitting on the table with the machine for two weeks - must get onto that before she grows out of them!

Good idea for Sam's 30th, when is it?