Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New words and the newspaper

New Words

I was talking with some friends who are Aunties (or Uncles) the other day, and we were trying to come up with a shorter, more gender neutral term for Nephews and Nieces than, er, "Nephews and Nieces". After some discussion, we came up with "Niblings" or "Nieceyews". Neither are ideal, Niblings sounds like something you might serve on a large platter, perhaps with dipping sauce, and Nieceyews is a bit clumsy. Maybe a more efficient spelling might help. Suggestions welcome.

The words below are ones that Sam and I invented, and have arisen from a desire to cut back on the swearing, or perhaps just laziness...

Fidiot - as in, "this fidiot just pulled out in front of me and I nearly crashed!"

Fungry - as in, "man, I'm fungry!"

Figlet - as in, "look at all the food on my plate - what a figlet!"


We have just started getting the paper delivered every morning. It's a free 5 week trial, courtesey of The Caci Clinic, of all places.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention how sad it is that the Dom gave the headline and a massive photo to a lawyer in a dress, rather than the great news that Police have arrested the bastard that allegedly murdered that teacher up North. Dumbasses.


Not Kate said...

My step-mamma recently got a 'Letter to the Editor' published in the Levin Chronicle on a similar issue. They ran a huge article on the front page about some pensioner who wanted to 'clean up the streets' and was going out with a broom or something.... rather than a 'real' news story.

She said it was belittling to the town and all the proper news it had later on in the paper.

In her old age she has taken up the hobby of writing such letters :) It's amusing.

d3vo said...

I like niblings and figlet.

Perhaps niblings could apply only to nieces and nephews that are cute enough to eat?

Perhaps you could invent a clever meaning for figglet and intersperse them in spoken conversation :)

Not Kate said...

Niblings are tiny little kisses. That's what I think.

"Last night by boyfriend gave me lots of little niblings whilst trying to get me in the mood....."

Figlet would be a good name for a tiny fig bar. Put them in the kid's school lunches.

Anonymous said...

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