Monday, July 31, 2006

Proud (Now with added photo!)

My Mum got an award at Church on Sunday. From the Bishop. Cool huh? I was proud as can be. It's a bit like getting an OBE or whatever for services in the community, but it was from the Bishop of Wellington for services to our Church. It was kept secret, so Mum didn't find out till her name was called. My Dad cried, he was so proud :)

See the badge-y thing on her shirt.


Sez said...

Wow, thats fantastic, go Mum... I bet your Dad was proud too!
Big Congratulations to Mum form me xx

Carol Mansfield said...

Yeah - me so proud too (other daughter)

swifty said...

Sup Fish? Congrats 2 ya mum from all the Swift's :D