Saturday, July 15, 2006

Kate’s Sunday top ten - see not-kate’s blog for explanation

  1. Men in eye makeup are sexy… Johnny Depp
  2. For all night long interesting conversation… John Cusack
  3. I think it's the dimples… Patrick Monahan (the lead singer of Train)
  4. Because sleeping with him looks like fun in the music video… Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Pre-shaved head though. I liked the hair.
  5. He’s probably on everyone else’s list and he’d hate to be left out… Brad Pitt
  6. Gotta see if it’s true what they say about black guys… Will Smith
  7. I love a man who can sing… Ewen McGregor
  8. To fulfil my prepubescent fantasies… Morten Harkett (Aha)
  9. Crossing to the dark side… Janaene Garefolo (gotta try something new, right?)
  10. He's fairly old but very sexy in some strange way... Alan Rickman He makes a great angel too.


Not Kate said...

John Cusack is a good choice! He is my friend Sarah's favourite famous guy. He's be her #1.

Lots of singers eh. The Maroon 5 guy is fairly hot.

Alan Rickman?????

fish said...

Mine are not really in order. They were all swimming round in my head and came out in random order.

Yeah, for some reason I find Alan Rickman hot in 'Dogma' and to some extent in 'Love Actually' ('Harry Potter' not so much). So shoot me.