Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Things I like right now

1 The Fatboy Slim video where the guy juggles to the music. I can't not watch it.

2 Electric blankets and fluffy sheets.

3 Feeling on top of stuff even though there is so much going on in my life.

4 Driving assorted friends around in my car and having interesting conversations.


Not Kate said...

I like that video too! It's weird. Not as weird as the Coldplay one with the old limber lady.

Fluffy sheets rule! I put my nice ones in the wash (my super-high threadcount ones) and had to resort to the flannelette ones.... and I'm loving it! I forgot how cosy they are in the morning. Not so good for when you are (ahem) with company.... but great for chilly school mornings!

Glad you like driving us round :) You are super nice for pickin' me up. All of our team is super nice. We rule! We should hang out socially more.

fish said...

Thanks, M'lady.

That Coldplay video IS a wierd one, you're right! Of course, NOTHING beats Christopher Walken dancing in that other Fatboy Slim video :)