Wednesday, June 14, 2006

eight eights are sixty-four

More about me!

51. I sleep with a teddy bear. No, I don't mean my husband. I mean a real teddy that I have had since I was thirteen. He's about the size of a pillow, so Sam often has to throw teddy out of bed so he can get in!

52. All my toys had names. Teddy, dolly, bear, mousie, lion, ellie (the elephant)... REAL imaginative, huh?

53. I also had a doll called Janet. I think she was the only one of my toys who had a proper name. She was made of squishy rubber filled with sponge, so she was nice and soft. I used to play with her in the bath a lot, and I remember the sponge took ages to dry. Dad used to always remove her head and leave her upside down in the hot water cupboard.

54. I love backrubs.

55. and footrubs.

56. and my shoulders and neck adore a nice firm massage.

57. Despite looking like a beached whale in my togs, I love swimming. I feel really graceful in the water. I love that I can swim properly, not just move through the water, but really swim. All the bits in the process happen efficiently and in the right order. I find it amusing to watch people struggle through 1 or 2 lengths then stop and have a breather because they are exhausted. I usually swim 60 lengths (or more) with no stops.

58. I have sprained my right ankle about 5 times. My left about 4 times. The first time I did the right one was when I was 15, and jumped from about 3m on an Army confidence course. My ankle made a really excellent POP! and was like jelly. I couldn't put any weight on it at all for 2 days.

59. The other times are all netball related.

60. Once I drank too much tequila and puked in my husband's MX-5. He was not at all impressed.

61. "Just once?" you all reply. Yes, just once. The other times I wasn't in his car. :)

62. I think much more often about having babies since I hit 30.

63. I don't worry about losing my figure, as I don't really have one to lose.

64. I like my back. It doesn't have a lot of fat, and it's smooth and strong. I have rather nice biceps too. IMNSHO of course.

More to come...

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Not Kate said...

I had an elephant called Ellie too. We should introduce them. Because of Ellie, elephants were my favourite animal.

I am one of those spluttering morons who can't swim more than two lengths without feeling like they're going to drown... Most inefficient!

I like how sports evolve 'correct' movements, just cause they're the most efficient way to do it. It's like in English, I try to explain that metaphors aren't something we English teachers invented to torture them.... we just made up the name!
They existed once people tried to express themselves and have people understand complex things (meta-phor literally means to transfer meaning)...

Just like a layup exists in basketball cause it is the best way to shoot the ball when someone's real close to you and you're moving at speed. Most coaches/teachers don't take the steps to explain WHY you have to lift your knee up, or shoot with your right hand on the right side of the basket.... It's all incredibly logical really!