Sunday, June 11, 2006

Auntie fish

My Sister Carol is visiting the North Island this week with her baby Megan. Today we had 14 of the clan round for lunch, and actually managed to seat 12 of them round the folks' massive dining table. Casserole and pumpkin - yum.

Megan is such a cutie (takes after her Aunt I reckon). I changed her nappy just before. Didn't get peed on, so that's something. I did, however, get the baby badge vomit on my shoulder afterwards.

About time I washed my top anyway.


Not Kate said...

She's real cute. I bet Auntie Fish is the best darned auntie in the whole world!!!

bitemeandsmile said...

She is sooo cute! And I got to see her live today as well :) Adorable little hands and fingernails. When the hell did I get so clucky???