Sunday, June 18, 2006


I had a flat tyre last Thursday. I was about to leave school for the day when I noticed that my car was on a bit of an angle. I managed to change it all by myself - the school caretaker wandered over and offered to help, but I wanted to prove I could do it. I took the offending flattie to Tony's Tyre Service last Saturday and they fixed it for free and swapped it back (cos it had better tread than the spare). Yay.

So imagine what I found this morning as I got in the car to drive to Church. You guessed it - another flat! And the same tyre too. Some choice words were offered to the boys at Tony's I can tell you... anyway, as Sam had to go to work today, I had to go inside and wake him and tell him he couldn't go till I got back because I needed his car.

Sam has now left for work and I have just come inside from changing the tyre AGAIN.

I take back all the comments I made about Tony and his mates. The picture says it all really.

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Not Kate said...

Gorgeous wedding pic you've put on the profile bit. Ms Photogenic!