Sunday, June 04, 2006

From a quarter to halfway there

"And now, the continuing story of a fish who can't stop talking about herself..."

26. I play the clarinet. When I was ten, I was on the What Now Wacky Challenge. I had to go busking with this long haired hippy with a bass drum strapped to his back and cymbals on his knees. We made about ten bucks. I also got a Milo tracksuit which I wore EVERYWHERE, and a Milo bag FULL of chocolate and other goodies. Mmm, chokitos were my favourite…

27. I can play some chords on the guitar. For some reason, I just can’t play bar chords. I bet I could if I really tried, but I just don’t manage to practice often enough. I went through a phase last Summer where I had worked up a great set of callouses on my left hand, but I still couldn’t play an F or a B chord.

28. My Great great great great grandparents were murdered in Petone in the late 1800s. A French guy bought some pepper in their shop, then returned later that night and threw it in their eyes before making off with the day’s shop takings. He was hanged for the crime. The story was on Epitaph once.

29. At my school prizegiving in 1981, I got a certificate for “general diligence”. I stopped halfway along the stage to read it, and all the people laughed at me.

30. I can do Rock and Roll. You have to remind me to stop leading every now and then.

31. This line left intentionally blank.

32. I am in an Indian dance group. I like how my hands look graceful when I dance.

33. I never feel completely at ease when dancing. The image that usually comes to my mind is one of those dancing Hippos in Disney’s Fantasia. The ones in tutus.

34. I never believe anyone when they say I am pretty or graceful. I know they are just being nice. I still like hearing it though. I can concede that I did scrub up alright on our wedding day.

35. I believe people when they say I am intelligent.

36. Both my Parents were in the Army. Mum was a nurse, a Captain. Dad was a Warrant Officer. As it was the 70s, Mum was asked (ordered) to leave the Army as it wasn’t the done thing to marry beneath your rank.

37. I was conceived in Waiouru.

38. I love my Mum dearly, but I hate that I am too much like her at times.

39. My Dad often says, “gosh, you’re like Steven”. I like that.

40. He still calls me his "little bubby" or just "bub". I like that too.

41. I was an Army Cadet. 1989 through to 2000. I went on lots of courses and camps, did loads of stuff that I am so thankful for. I gained heaps of confidence there.

42. I was particularly good at drill. Rememberance Day (11 November) was always particularly special. I was in the Flag Party for five years in a row. Slow marching the NZ flag up the length of Wellington Cathedral while the Army Band plays a lament makes the hairs stick up on the back of my neck. Still does now.

43. My brother in law plays the bagpipes. He is one of the top pipers in New Zealand, and regularly wins competitions. He gets invited to play at competitions where he can’t win ‘cos he’s too good, so he’s just there as the floor show.

44. I like to make Milo in a really BIG glass with about 5 spoons of Milo. Mmmm, crusty bits…

45. I had to just go and make a Milo cos #44 made me want one.

46. I love to sleep. I can doze all day if I get the opportunity. Most days I have to get up around 6.30 though. Nanna naps are good too. Put me horizontal or in a comfy chair, and I am guaranteed to be asleep in about 7 minutes. I awake refreshed in about 10 minutes. I often do this in my office at work. Don’t tell the boss!

47. My Grandma is 93 and still lives in her own home. She’s the only grandparent I have left. She fell over and broke her hip last year, but is still going strong.

48. I went to Fiji last Winter. Still dream about going back.

49. Ao vinakata ndua nan Fiji Gold kerekere (apologies for the incorrect Fijian spelling).

50. Kava’s not all it’s made out to be. It played havoc with my digestion processes.


Not Kate said...

You are totally a good dancer! And if you weren't, I'd tactfully just never mention it :) That's what people do with me :)

You look sexy and co-ordinated and you should do it any time you feel like (and again, I'm not just trying to sound Oprah Winfrey there - it's true).

Now we're all going to wonder about why 31 was left blank....

Can't wait for the next installment!

Janet said...

Hello Fish!

I found your blog. Now I want to know what numbers 50 to 100 are!

fish said...

That will take some time. I have to do work now... (yay for long weekends!)

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