Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fiji Part Two

In this instalment: Less words! More photos! Fun and Friends!

This is me tasting Kava for the first time. Quite strong it was, as we found out later in the week and the locals tried to push diluted stuff on us. The fabulous Tui is standing by.

Most evenings were spent playing cards with our new friends and drinking Fiji Gold, the beer of choice. Note: don't drink Fiji Bitter - it's gross!

Another shot of us chilling with our new mates. Yay for drunken secret telling and bonding! I think the angle is intentional - I wasn't THAT drunk. I hope. This spot by the beach became our hangout during our time at Sunrise. We left the spot late at night and came back early to watch the sunrise each morning.

There seems to be a limit of 3 photos per blog, so till next time...

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