Monday, July 06, 2009

more craftiness

"What's that?" you all ask.

It's a pressie for my Sister from Cassie's leftover fabric, a mirror and some old bra straps.
Answer later this week. Maybe I'll organise a prize for correct guesses? (except Carol, Kirsten and Sarah, who already know).

The pics below reflect someone else's craftiness:

We got this cute wee hoodie in the post last week, courtesy of my Cousin Nicole. So cute! Thanks babe :) Charlotte was kinda wriggly when I took these with the cellphone, so she's a bit blurry.


strong light said...

Is it something for in your car so that you can see Charlotte in your rear view mirror when you are driving?

fish said...

Bingo! Good job :)

Sez said...

You really are very clever... you are wasted as a maths teacher! You should teach home ec! I need to make one of those mobile highchairs!