Thursday, July 02, 2009

Being Crafty

I have been in a bit of a lazy funk recently, and have had all sorts of things planned in my head to do "when I get round to it", so this week I decided to bloody "get round to it"!

Here's the jobs so far:

1. Make chair thingy for Cassie's mate's new baby. Here's my version, but hers is blue with monkeys and lions and elephants all over it.

2. Turn wasted cupboard under the stairs into coat cupboard.

I took two bits of 2 by 4 and an iron bar from Dads' shed (good thing he was a hoarder or I might have had to spend money), chatted up the woodwork teacher, who drilled a couple of big holes, and stuck it all together in the cupboard. Voila - coat cupboard!

3. Get next tattoo organised.

I've had this picture (the left one) for years, and last night I had a dream that I finally got it onto my arm. The pic is by Escher, but I want to modify it slightly. The purple fish are upside down, but I see no reason why they can's have eyes too. It's going to wrap in an armband on my big huge muscly bicep.

Here's a badly edited version showing what I mean.

In my dream it got all messed up though. The ends met in a bad place and stuffed up the pattern, and the colours were wrong, and it got distorted so the ends were different sizes. It didn't hurt in my dream though :)

4. Make a hole in a wall.

Our kitchen is at the back of the house and a completely separate room, which feels quite isolated. I want to make a window through into the dining space so I can watch the bub without having to have her on the kitchen floor where I might drop hot food/knives/heavy stuff on her. Haven't done this yet. Times like this I miss my Dad. And Leon. :)

5. Garden.

The side garden is a weed (no not that kind of weed...) heaven, but should be a nice courtyard.

I need to:
Remove the grass and weeds, make it level, super saturate the ground with nasty plant killing stuff, weed mat it, and cover it with big slabs of concrete/pebbles in a chequerboard fashion cos I think it would look cool.

This will be a summer job methinks. I feel a working bee coming on. Watch this space!


Cassie said...

Thanks so much for the chair cover for Frans bub. Its awesome! I love your craftiness!! :)

Sez said...

Yay you are a busy wee bee! Haha
Re 4. Ask a Ronnie? He is a bit busy, but I am sure I can persuade (read: tell) him to help out :O) mwaah