Thursday, July 30, 2009

If I wasn't a school teacher...

I would run a costume hire place, making my own costumes, cos I love it :)

Today I completed something I have been meaning to do for aaages - transfer all my costumes from a bunch of boxes into an actual wardrobe! I have so much stuff I didn't realise it till I saw it all hanging up.

Here's the (complete I think!) list...
Fur stole and shoulder cape and coat (all 3 from Grandma)
Purple feather boa
Rock and roll petticoat. It's all full and flouncy. Vintage gear from Dad's first wife.

Wrap around old-school netball skirt.
Hutt Intermediate t-shirt.
Hutt High t-shirt.
Hutt High skirt, tie and jersey.
Gym Slip (my Ma's old uniform, or perhaps my Aunt's.)
Red boiler suit.
Nurse costume (actually a 60s housedress that I converted.)
Tuxedo shirt.
Flouncy pirate shirt.
White alb (that's a priesty churchy garment, or could double as a really old fashioned nightgown.)

Bumblebee striped singlet with wings (with matching striped 'rugby undies' I won at a quiz.)
Tiger suit (spraypainted white paper boiler suit like they put criminals in on the telly) complete with stuffed tail.
Tellytubby costume (red tracksuit with a shiny belly bit, and a hand stitched head piece.)
Unicorn hand stitched head piece plus white trousers (Wore it to Sophie's 'U' themed 21st, wow, 12 years ago!)

Indian bodice, skirt and scarf. My dancing dress :)
Black and glitter saree and bodice top. Was a wedding gift from a workmate.
Two other sarees from an Indian fair.
Grass skirt and about 6 leis. Not sure how I got so many leis...
3 sulus (sarongs) from Fiji.
German-Oktoberfest-barmaid kind of dress. My Ma made this in the 70s (remember Burda patterns? No?) and actually wore it as an everyday outfit! Mad.

Ripped (not just small but tiny!) t-shirt from when Sam was the Incredible Hulk a few years ago.
Black dress that was my Ma's nice black dress in the 80 but is really dated and I'm hanging onto it in case it comes into fashion again.
80s towelling jumpsuit a'la Flashdance. Sweat bands optional.
60s velvet A line dress - paisley, Noice. Matching handbag.
Three floaty flowery 70s dresses in yellow, green and blue. My fave is the green one. They all have matching handbags too. These were all Ma's.

Academic gown. Scored for free from my Great Aunt, who was in the Association of University
Women or some such (they handle gown rentals for prizegivings etc.)
Long white shift dress. The actual under dress for Ma's wedding dress. She apparently cut the dress proper up and made nighties with the fabric?!! Double mad!
Princess Leia dress. Ma and I made this using a church robe pattern, modified from looking at many screen shots of Carrie Fisher.

3 pairs of camo pants, nicked when I left the Cadet Unit :)
1 camo shirt, ditto.
Green army shirt.
Scrim (green netty stuff that makes a nice headscarf or sweatband or whatever.)
Camo face paint.

Silver bridesmaid dress from Sister's wedding.
Green ball dress from 6th form ball.
Wedding dress, used once :)

Black sheet - Sam's ghost costume.
White sheet, cut in half and sewn back together to make a long strip for easy toga tying. Length is the key, in case you didnt know.

Assorted ties, glasses, belts, braces, wigs, hats, wings, tiaras, wands, jewellery, face paint.
Headbands with ears/antennae/devil horns.
A long cigarette holder for stylish lady smokers.
Handcuffs. Don't ask ;)
Handmade poi from a tangata whenua costume.
A ball and chain, made for Sister's Hen's night.

Mum's knee high hand made boots from Singapore.
Doc boots.
Army boots.

Anyone wanna borrow anything? Ask away!

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Sez said...

Yeeehaa! I nkow who to see when I need dress ups! Yay for being organised! We used to have heaps of fun with that are yours...