Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

So another new year is upon us. Time to make some more resolutions.

Firstly, three triathlons again. I didn't do them justice in 08, as I didn't push myself due to being either pregnant or just post baby. My best time: 1h 44 in February. Worst time: 1h 59 in December. The first one of 09 is on the 19th and my goal is to beat the December time by at least ten minutes.

Secondly, eat less, exercise more, blah blah blah. I bet everone tries this and never sticks to it, just like me. This year will be different though. Yeah right. :)

Thirdly, brush my teeth more often. Far too often I get into bed and then remember I haven't done it. Euuu.

Now for some for other people:

M: Clean out the pantry. And by pantry I mean the space that is the same size as my *entire kitchen*. It's full of things you no longer need or use and needs to be tidied out big time!

S: Finish what you start. You know what I mean, Mr "I'll put it back later". :P

K: Exercise every day, including 2x swim a week with fishy, to make sure she goes too.

R: Make chocolate slice for fishy but only let her have one piece per day cos it's too yummy!

K and D: Learn how to REPLY to text messages! You know who you are.

A K and P: Make sure fishy stays in touch despite no longer being a lady of leisure.

L: Save save save - be really tight so when you come to NZ you can spend up large!

Anyone else want to be on the list? :)


kiwilauren said...

L :o)

Peter said...

Fiona, You have had a baby. A girl. The paucity of blog messages does not give a lot away. I trawled through them to check it all out and decided in the positive. The black and white photos Dec 2? Peter

kiwilauren said...

I am definitely keeping your New Year's resolution for me - I've already saved about $2000 NZD since September for the trip, and I still have another year and 4 months to save! It'll be HUGE! I can't wait. :oD Love you!