Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend roundup

Went to Palmy to visit Carol and Megan. Murray was in Taupo with a helicopter crew doing the Air Force thing. And perving on chicks in bikinis no doubt. I tried to help Carol rest by doing some jobs for her and minding Megan so she could nap. Her baby is due in 7 weeks and she is thoroughly sick of waiting now.

Came back in time for the Wedding of the Year. Or Civil Union actually. Saw an old ex; confirmed I made the right choice there. I don't think I have been in one place and seen so many pregnant or recently sprogged people. Except maybe my antenatal class. Drank a bit, fed bub from a bottle for the next feed :) Ate, danced and made merry. Danced onto a piece of glass but only bled a little. Got back on the floor and shook my Scottish dance thang with Sam and others. Disappointed that a particular person completely snubbed me when the appropriate music was played for other kinds of dancing, but danced lots with Sam instead, who seems to have lost all dance inhibition. Way to go babe :)

my best bud had her baby on Saturday afternoon, having had her waters break on Thursday and then nothing happened till they induced her on Saturday morning. Heath Patrick is a big boy... 4.02kg and with HUGE hands and feet. Currently on ice in neonates while they monitor his brain (he had a lack of oxygen for his first minute or so of life). Was kind of weird going back into the very same room Charlotte was in, but to see someone else's baby. Deja vu... Poor Sarah is doing the milking cow routine as i did, and going down in the lift to see bubs when she can. Good thing she's getting lots of care and help from the nurses and her midwife. Mine never even came in to see C, and only met her at 4 weeks old! (bitter much? lol)

Back to school tomorrow; got a pow wow with the Hillary House leaders to plan another victorious year. We are the only house so far to have won twice in a row and are now going for three! Wednesday is course confirmation day, so I am there in an official Deaning capacity, and then Teacher Only days on Thurs/Fri. Then it's all on from Monday. Still not totally guilt free about leaving Charlotte, even though she'll be in great hands with my Ma. But the fact remains that to be a stay-at-home mum we would have to sell the house and buy a bedsit in Taita. Damn mortgage.

Not that there's anything wrong with Taita - eh Leon?!

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big sis said...

Yay for little sister and my gorgeous neice who I thoroughly enjoyed having to stay. Thanks for everything you did to ease parenting a toddler while hubby away and heavily pregnant. You rock! See you next weekend in Tauranga. Love ya.