Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas one and all!

Love from Santa Baby :)

Yes, I know it's cruel to dress your children up when they have no say in the matter, but in my defence I will add the following:

1) I did not buy the hat; it was a gift from Sam's sister.

2) She looks good in red. So there!


Not Kate said...

I'm all for it. If I had kids they'd dress as super-heroes every day. Or barnyard animals.

Andrew said...

I tried to dress as a super-hero every day. Less so the barnyard animals. I made a goat mask though.

Anyway, when they're as old as Charlotte, if the santa hat is a proper hat then it's just a hat to her. It's not like you taped tinsel to her forehead. And either way it's not like she's thinking "this has compromised my dignity"...

kiwilauren said...

So THIS is what Marilyn Monroe was singing about!