Thursday, April 24, 2008

it's my birthday soon...

I'm gonna be 32. That's old.

Mum bought my present today at the Baby Factory. I walked over to the portacots and pretended I couldn't see her buying what she bought. Kinda hard when the pressie is 4 foot high.

Mol and Kel are in the South Island doing the same trip Lauren and I did. SO JEALOUS!! I took them to the ferry this morning.

But I get to see CarolMurrayMegan in under a week, so that makes up for it.

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kiwilauren said...

Oh my gosh, Fish, I'm making my scrapbook of pics from the south island trip and I'm coming across so many that I hadn't seen since I left NZ. SO fun! I'm jealous too. Let's share in our jealousy together. Hahaha. Make sure Molly posts her pics from the Poo Pub theme party!!!!!