Monday, April 28, 2008


Sam and I rode our bikes into town on Sunday to see my best bud, who just got back from a 6 week holiday in Canada, the UK and Japan. Yes, ALL the way to Wellington, as opposed to the last time we tried and had to walk from halfway along the motorway cos Sam got a flat.

The road works section of the Hutt motorway was a little hairy, but once we made the path alongside the motorway, it was all good. I especially enjoyed going round the waterfront and sharing it with the rollerbladers, other cyclists, pedestrians, joggers and those crocodile bike things. FYI the textured surface on the wooden bridges may be great for stopping walkers from slipping over, but on a bike it feels like riding across corrugated iron. Pretty sure Sam didn't notice as he has suspension on his front forks.

I forgot to reset the speedo till about Korokoro, but I estimate the journey from Kelson to Mirimar was about 25km. Not bad.


Not content with yesterday's effort, today I had a 30 min session with my personal trainer and then went and swam 42 laps at Huia. I did 40, but then I was at the opposite end to the spa, so I swam one more to get there, and one more after my brief spa to get back to my stuff at the other end. Turns out that I can spa at Huia even though I can't at K's place (38.5 degrees vs 42 degrees). Love the spa!


No baby bump yet; only 17 weeks. Give me a couple more and I'll be sticking out a bit. I've started nesting though (although I have this need to rearrange the house even when not pregnant). The cupboard under the stairs is much tidier now. Next room on the list is the spare/computer/sewing/model making room. This will be a BIG JOB.


kiwilauren said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the baby bump when it starts emerging! I was just looking at your profile pic and reminiscing about the first time I saw that picture, last May.... and how I was imagining what life would be like in New Zealand, what your house would look like, etc. It's amazing that it has only been less than a year since then. We sure packed a lot into the last 12 months! Love you!

Sez said...

Haha - Silly Mummy :O)

Yay for birthdays! You not THAT old! Hope you have a fabulous day and I will call you later xxx
Mwaaah Love you